TempOff Provisional Remover


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The Provisional Remover is a truly unique instrument that quickly and easily removes temporaries of all types and brands. Unmatched in precision, quality, and performance there is nothing else like it. The remover allows for higher incisal positioning so forces are transmitted to the temporary, not the tooth. More efficient provisional removal with virtually no patient discomfort.


10 reviews for TempOff®

  1. artcraftdental

    Really nothing else like it.

  2. Niel Millikin, DDS

    It’s really incredible how well they work. Very little force is needed. Temps are easily removed and without the “eyebrows” look from the patient.

  3. Dr. Jay M.

    The beauty of this thing is it’s complete stability. No slipping. No digging.

  4. Albert Huang, DDS

    TempOff gives me the confidence I need for removal of single units, multiple units, bridges, and implant temps; they all just come right off.

  5. Dr. Albert H., DDS

    The patients never complain – they have no discomfort. TempOff saves me time and money.

  6. Lee Clayton, DDS

    This is an awesome instrument! There is no telling how many small instruments
    I have broken over the years removing tight temps – with this it is a breeze! I wish you had invented this 30+ years ago!

  7. Bob Margeas, DDS

    TempOff grips so well, and it won’t slip off the crown.

  8. Rob M., DDS

    TempOff really is a great product

  9. Dan Carrier, DDS

    I absolutely LOVE this instrument!

  10. Sarah J, (Dental Assistant)

    I had a really stuck temporary once, and I tried everything- a spoon, a scaler, hemostats- nothing worked. I finally tried TempOff and it was off in seconds!
    Wow! This thing is awesome!

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